Anger is an issue that frequently is addressed in therapy.  Anger is normal.  Anger has many functions.  Some good, some not so.  Anger can be simple or complicated.  The biology of anger is that your body releases adrenalin, which can be described as the 'fight or flight' response.  It normally takes someone 15 to 20 minutes to recover.  In therapy, we can look at situations that make you angry, events, triggers that get you started. 
 We also look at other feelings that might lead you to getting angry.  The idea here is that you can identify the trigger both externally and internally.  Learning to do this will help you begin to train yourself to avoid the situations and triggers that cause you to get angry. 
Sometimes, this is not the goal. It could be that you simply get angry in a split second.  This may have been due to expectations that were not met, promises not kept, things that you had no control over.  Here the task may be to do some decision making, applying natural consequences of the event as you see them.