How therapy works for you

Each of us have challenges and problems to solve in our lives.  The challenges compell us to make decisions and move forward.  Sometimes we find that we might have made the wrong choice or decision, later regretting our actions.  Therapy is a place where you can talk about your decisions, choices and mistakes with a save and supportive therapist and anyone you wish to have present. 
The therapist will ask questions to guide you and clarify your responses to be sure they understand you.  They help you communicate more clearly and through this process, assist you to gain insight into how decisions have consequences.  Sometimes the consequences are events you cannot control. 
Therapy is an opportunity for you to learn and grow, to gain insight into your thoughts and feelings.  Your personal therapy is a challenging process that, with support of your therapist,  helps you to build the courage it takes to make better choices under challenging conditions.
By being more mindful of your choices and decisions, you will have more of a sense of control over yourself and satisfaction with your choices.  Many blessings to you.